Informatik 2 – Schmiedecke

Lab X5 – Introduction to C++: Mergesort

(replaces X5 – Modular C++)




Objectives: Get used to a different culture of handling programs

Hand in:  Link to report and source code
                  Demonstrate your solution in the lab!




  1. Find (and maybe download) Herb Schildt's C++ tutorial.
  2. Set up your C++ programming environment(s) . You may choose one, or install both:
    1. In Eclipse, get the CDT extension from the Update Manager (in Help Menu)
      and follow the instructions about installing the Gnu C++  toolchain (MinGW) which you find in eclipse's help instructions, c.f. "before you begin" .
    2. If you are running Windows, install the free Visual Studio version for C++  (Visual Studio Express for C++). It will bring its own compiler.



Lab experiments:


  1. Work through chapters 1 to 4 of the tutorial. you should be able to skip much of  chapters 2 und 3, but alt least have a look. Write the most crucial things to remember into your report. If you are a c++ professional, you may skip this part – and help others in the lab!.

  2. Find a mergesort implementation in java and explain how it works. I still like Hans Werner Lang's book best. Find the programs and explanations by googling "lang mergesort" etc…

  3. Translate this program into a C++ program and run it. 


4.  If you are looking for more challenges, repeat this for Quicksort or Heapsort.






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